David Bowie

David Bowie album reviews (1967 – 2013). Bowie’s output has been consistently brilliant over a long period of time with only a false start, and some (at worst) distressing and (at best) interesting missteps along the way. From the 60s Ken Pitt vaudeville beginnings resulting in the first of his two self-titled albums, through to the solo career beginning with the Space Oddity hit single in 1969, via the untouchable 70s, stadium filling superstar years of the 80s, the underrated 90s and 00s, and the greatest comeback in rock history with The Next Day in 2013. I will not be de-coding Bowie’s songs for meaning or messages if I can help it, rather looking at the quality and enjoyment of each song and album on its own merits, remember, all in my own humble opinion.

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