The Eagles – Kings of Hollywood: Underrated Eagles

We all know the Eagles Greatest Hits – a little too well. Perhaps we don’t want to know it? Well, here’s an alternative package of underrated tracks from this band’s back catalogue from 1972-1979. Love them or despise them, listening to this album will confirm the quality of the output most notably Bernie Leadon’s exquisite I Wish You Peace, Bitter Creek and My Man being particularly good.

Band Members of The Eagles

1.  Train Leaves Here this Morning
2.  Chug All Night
3.  Nightingale
4.  Doolin-Dalton
5.  Out of Control
6.  Bitter Creek
7.  Outlaw Man
8.  My Man
9.  On the Border
10. Ol’55
11. Is it True?
12. Good Day in Hell
13. Visions
14. After the Thrill is Gone
15. I Wish You Peace
16. Victim of Love
17. Try and Love Again
18. The Last Resort
19. Wasted Time (live)
20. The Disco Strangler
21. King of Hollywood
22. Those Shoes
23. The Sad Café


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