Sound Man

Author: Glyn Johns (2014)

A memoir of a remarkable rock-and-roll career from Glyn Johns, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame producer and sound engineer whose resumé includes work with the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Who, the Clash, and many more. Johns employs an even-handed tone that illustrates his ability to serve as an island of stability and professionalism in a sea of wild creativity, out-of-control egos and self-destructive lifestyles. He also doesn’t shy away from expressing his own opinions and tastes, arguing that producer Phil Spector “puked all over” Let It Be (a viewpoint many Beatles fans share) and offering his low view of the Eagles’ later recordings, as well as his general disdain for punk rock. Apart from the first two or three Eagles albums which were amazingly recorded in England, other notable producer/engineer credits include:

  • Traffic – Traffic, 1968
  • The Rolling Stones – Beggar’s Banquet, 1968
  • Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin, 1969
  • The Beatles – Abbey Road, 1969
  • The Who – Who’s Next, 1971 
  • Neil Young – Harvest, 1972
  • Paul McCartney – Red Rose Speedway, 1973
  • Eric Clapton – Slowhand, 1977
  • The Clash – Combat Rock, 1982


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