The Iggy Pop / David Bowie Collaborations

This Dot Marks Your Location.

Iggy Pop and Bowie collaborated off and on over many years throughout the 70s and 80s. It’s no secret that Bowie was significantly inspired and influenced by The Stooges groundbreaking late-60s/early-70s period, going on to produce the 1973 landmark album Raw Power. This compilation provides an insight into the breadth and depth of further collaborations for better or for worse, yet always interesting.


  1. Sister Midnight – Opening track off Iggy’s 1977 comeback, and Bowie-produced, Berlin-era The Idiot.
  2. What in the World – Bowie’s Low album released early-1977. Underrated track, features Iggy prominently on backing vocals.
  3. Tonight – The title track to the second album released by Iggy in 1977 (Lust for Life). One of his finest moments. Disastrously covered by Bowie (featuring Tina Turner) on his ill-defined 1984 album of the same name…more of that to come.
  4. Little Miss Emperor – The first of three Pop/Bowie co-writes, these tracks lifted from Iggy’s, very good, Bowie-produced Blah Blah Blah (1986) album. Sure, massive 80s production values, but they’re good songs. Check’em out:
  5. Isolation
  6. Shades
  7. Tiny Girls – Revisiting Iggy’s The Idiot. This track conjuring a smoky, late-night Berlin club. Includes some lovely baroque sax from Bowie throughout.
  8. Neighborhood Threat – Another track off Iggy’s Lust for Life and another one questionably covered by Bowie on Tonight.
  9. Play it Safe – This track taken from Iggy’s underrated Soldier (1980). Jim Kerr from Simple Minds: “In 1979 Simple Minds went to Rockfield studios in the Welsh countryside to record our second album. It’s probably our most Bowie influenced work. We were in the small studio just teenagers and we were like; Who’s in the big studio? It turned out it was Iggy Pop recording Soldier. One night Iggy comes through our door, talk about worse for wear! Bowie’s with him, holding a can of Heineken, and he goes ‘Skin Up!’ We hung out for a bit and then they disappeared. Twenty minutes later we get a call from the engineer in Studio A, “David would like you all to come round for a football crowd type chorus”. So we pile round pretty drunk, girlfriends and all. Bowie’s taking charge and he’s still got a Heineken and a fag, and we’re all around the mike for this track called Play it Safe. I remember Bowie saying very diplomatically “OK, sounds good. Now, can everyone who doesn’t sing professionally, step away from the mike”. That left me, aged 19, sandwiched between Bowie and Iggy Pop. Not one person had a fucking camera!
  10. Bang Bang – Another track by Iggy, this one lifted from his Party (1981) album. Bowie again covering this on his (perhaps) less-than-stellar Never Let Me Down (1987).
  11. Tumble and Twirl – Finally a track from the much maligned Tonight. This fresh co-write with Iggy references their island travels in Borneo and, enjoy it or not, there’s nothing quite like it. I happen to love it.
  12. Dancing with the Big Boys – Another fresh original off Bowie’s Tonight, co-written with Iggy and Bowie mainstay Carlos Alomar. Includes some fantastic non-sequiturs only Iggy could dream up eg:”where there’s trouble there’s poetry” and “your family is a football team“.
  13. Don’t Look Down – Third and final Tonight track. Bowie’s cover of superb Iggy/James Williamson original from his essential New Values (1979). Bowie approaches this in reggae fashion for some reason. Made for excellent incidental music for the Julian Temple-directed mini-film Jazzin’ for Blue Jean or something.
  14. China Girl – Iggy’s towering original version lifted from The Idiot. Bowie covered it in 1983 beautifully, for his mega-hit album Let’s Dance.
  15. Lust for Life – Co-written by David Bowie and title track to Iggy’s 1977 album (featuring the Sales brothers, later from cleansing rock project Tin Machine). Considered something of a signature Iggy Pop song, and for good reason.
  16. Red Money – Tying things up nicely, this closing track from Bowie’s otherworldly Lodger (1979) album, reworking this compilation’s opener Sister Midnight.
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