#6: Kiss – Solo (1978)

Hi. Here at Pierce’s Press I take a look at bloated, self-indulgent, expansive double albums and gleefully trim it back to a single, dreck-free, no filler, concise, listenable record without having to reach for the skip button or needle re-positioning.

I think it may benefit some over-stuffed double albums from a little tightening up. It’s certainly the case for un-doubled #6: Kiss’ solo albums, originally released all at once to an indifferent record buying public, now receiving the Un-Doubled mistreatment.


Kiss Solo Undoubled

Side One:

  1. New York Groove (Ace) – (3:03)
  2. Ain’t Quite Right (Paul) – (3:37)
  3. See You Tonight (Gene) – (2:28)
  4. Tonight You Belong to Me (Paul) – (4:40)
  5. Rip It Out (Ace) – (3:40)

Side Two:

  1. Radioactive (Gene)  – (3:51)
  2. What’s On Your Mind (Ace) – (3:28)
  3. I Can’t Stop the Rain (Peter) – (4:26)
  4. Mr Make Believe (Gene) – (4:02)
  5. When You Wish Upon a Star (Gene) – (2:44)

Some Kiss fans say Ace’s is the best, some say Paul’s, others say Gene’s is the pick, but nobody says Peter. The truth is they are all terrible, however this 10 song collection represents the best of what was released as four solo albums that would flood record stores across the world, remaining in those stores un-bought for months. Ironically Kiss would end up releasing an album identical to this as a follow up (4 solo artists working “together” as a band) called Dynasty (1979) which would fare slightly better.

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