Teenage Fanclub: The Best 2000-2017

Teenage Fanclub’s history is now part of rock folk-law: Nirvana label-mates (Geffen), huge critical acclaim in the USA, missed out on mainstream success, made some of the best records of the era (1991’s Bandwagonesque, 1995’s Grand Prix, 1997’s Songs from Northern Britain). Since the release of Howdy! in 2000, the years have passed and the band’s output has slowed, however Teenage Fanclub’s music has evolved like a long and stable love affair evident with the release of their 10th album Here, propelled by intimacy, comfort, and masterful songwriting.


  1. The Darkest Part of the Night – Here (2016)
  2. Dumb Dumb Dumb – Howdy! (2000)
  3. Cells – Man-Made (2005)
  4. Accidental Life – Howdy! (2000)
  5. It’s All in My Mind – Man-Made (2005)
  6. Shock and Awe – Shadows (2010)
  7. Baby Lee – Shadows (2010)
  8. I Need Direction – Howdy! (2000)
  9. I’m in Love – Here (2016)
  10. If I Never See You Again – Howdy! (2000)
  11. Dark Clouds – Shadows (2010)
  12. Thin Air – Here (2016)
  13. Slow Fade Pictures – Man-Made (2005)
  14. Falling Leaves – Man-Made (2005)
  15. When I Still Have Thee – Shadows (2010)

Running Time: 49:09

Teenage Fanclub: The Best 2000-2017

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